Customised OEM Emblems 

We develop and manufacture different types of Customised Automotive Emblems. Our production meets the OEM Specifications up to 7-10 years of warranty. Provide us the design and your requirements and we will deliver your expectations.. 

K3 Emblems

All Our Emblems meets the OEM Specifications. We offer warranty period from 5-7 years.

Emblem - Elegance

Plate type with engrave. All our emblems come with 3M All Weather Adhesive Tape.

Emblem - Sports

This is the Design Stage. It is to scale and color variation trial before we goes into Mold making.

Emblem - Racing

Soft backing with Expoxy coatings. Samples for color variation trials.

Emblem - Forte

Example of Cut-out individaul wordings

Emblem - Aerotourer

With expoxy coatings.

Emblem - Signature

Complex curvatures and the small size.

Emblem - MIVEC

2D drawing for effect and color.

Emblem - Deluxe

Examples of very primitive stage of design decision factors.