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Products and Services

Customized Body Kits and Other Accessories

We have over 20 years of experiences in designing, developing and manufacturing award winning body kits and other auto accessories. We have our in-house designers capable to understand end-user expectations. Combine with our production control system, we are able to deliver top quality products on time. We warranty all our product according to OEM manufacturer requirement. Because we are the manufacturer and you do not have to worry about supply issues.


Car Grooming, Polishing and Car Wash

We started by providing car wash and polishing services for our customer OEM car
distributor PDI centres and aftersales service centres for over 10 years. Our groomers,
polishers and car washers are very experience and skilled to handle all conditions of
vehicles. We have also set up and tie in our own 2 grooming centres in SAFRA Mount Faber and Toa Payoh. Brining our own unique quality services closer to the end-users.

We have develop our own paint protection ceramic coating product and system – ZERTONA TOTAL TRI-ARMOUR PROTECTION. We are one of the first company to introduce ceramic paint coating in the automotive industry. We are different from the rest of the ceramic coating applicators because we developed and manufactured our own ceramic coating. We have direct access to our chemist and we are constantly updating the performance of ZERTONA TOTAL TRI-ARMOUR PROTECTION. And yes it is 100% made in UK. We are definitely not a re-seller and fly-by-night company. For over 8 years, we have “ZERTONA-ed” more than 30,000 cars and maintaining the original showroom shine for our happy customers. During pandemic time, we have also introduced our ZERTONA Dis-infectant to the automotive industry.


Import and Export of Bikes

Image by Harley-Davidson

For over 12 years we have exported big numbers of used big bikes in containers to various countries. Our long term customers keep coming back to us because of our vast selections of quality bikes. Most importantly, we are reliable and gain the trust and confident from our customers. Our big bikes ranges from super sport-bikes to highly customized cruisers.


Dashcam and Infotainment

Image by Nicole Logan

We have worked with reliable partners to supply quality dashcam and customised
infotainment system. With more than 20 years of experience in vehicle circuit layout, our
experienced installer are capable to work on different types of car brand and models for our OEM car distributors, fleet owners and vehicle owners according to OEM specifications and standards.


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