Vehicle Maintenaces


Vehicle Maintenances


We have a team of ommitted and skilled mechanics servicing and maintaining OEM and Ministry fleets of vehicles.

Car Wash


Our group of car washers are experience and dedicated. We will make your car shining proud.


We have a team of 20 over car washers supporting our customers. 

We are sharing our experiences to the aftermaket and we have set up an external Groming and car wash center at MOUNT FABER SAFRA.


Do visit us at our Grooming & Car Wash Center at MOUNT FABER SAFRA. SAFRA Members enjoy great discount. 



Our polishers have vast years of experience in polishing varies make of cars with our OEM Customers

Accident Repairs & Fleet Spray Paintings


We also work with our affiliated partners for accident repair and spray-painting for individual or fleet of commercial vehicle. Once in a while we will customize spray paint job for special customer.